Rebels On The Ice: Jamestown Hockey Scores Long-Term Contract


Contributing Writer
Heidi Woodard

Downtown Jamestown’s revitalization takes a giant leap forward as the Northwest Arena announces an eight-year contract with the Rebels. The Rebels are a Tier II hockey team in the North American Hockey League.

Craig Hinderleider, general manager at Northwest Arena, said the owner of the Rebels, Ken Dennis, moved the team to Jamestown because of “all the excitement surrounding downtown Jamestown with the National Comedy Center, and the new hotels in the area.”

“Dennis is deeply committed to his team and staff,” Hinderleider said. Dennis first got the grand tour of the ice arena about a month ago, and he was impressed by the nature of downtown, the features of the arena, and the look of the building. He said Dennis wanted the best location for the team, the players, and especially for the team’s coach, Joe Coombs. Hinderleider said Dennis was committed to providing Coombs a high quality environment that would be conducive to raising his young family. Dennis believed Jamestown was that place.

Hinderleider also mentioned Dr. Jim Cirbus and Southern Tier Express were crucial in bringing the team to the area. Dr. Cirbus initially approached Dennis with the possibility of bringing the team to Jamestown. Southern Tier Express has been continually dedicated to bringing the best hockey experience to Jamestown. The continued efforts have been successful, and the Rebels are guaranteed to have a long, successful journey in Jamestown.

“The Rebels will truly cherish their new home,” Hinderleider said. The Rebels were formerly located in Philadelphia, PA, which has several professional sports teams. Which didn’t give the chance to shine as much as they will in Jamestown. Hinderleider said “the Rebels will become the premier sports team in the area,” and the fan enthusiasm will be felt in every home game.

Fans will have 30 chances to experience the Rebels play in Jamestown. Hinderleider said that home games will be a true entertainment experience and will be more engaging than they have been in the past. The Rebels’ owner is devoted to providing a new hockey experience for the whole family, which will include lighting effects, projectors and entertainment between periods.

More Exciting Developments

With most of the home games taking the ice on Fridays or Saturdays, all of downtown Jamestown can enjoy the new team. Families are invited to eat a leisurely meal at one of the many downtown restaurants, enjoy the hockey game, then continue to explore downtown after the game.

“It is exciting to see where some of the Rebel players will be in four years. Some will be in college and hopefully some will make it to the National Hockey League (NHL).”

Starting July 6 through July 9, training camp will bring roughly 100 young men ages 16 to 20 to try out for the team. This try out has a national pull with individuals coming from all over the country. Many players will arrive from Philadelphia, Michigan and from the eastern coast. Each year several players will move on to Division I or college hockey.

“Great things start in Jamestown.” Heinderleider predicted. Follow everything that’s happening at, just stop in at 319 W Third Street, Jamestown or call (716) 484-2624.