Reach your Fitness Goal


Contributing Writer
Carolyn Wilcox
V.I.E. Fitness Owner

Most people think about Fitness and healthy eating as something that has to be started…either after the New Year, before a special event, after vacation…you get the picture. Make some simple changes to your daily routine and you can easily achieve your health and fitness goals.

The average American man now weighs 194 lbs and eats an average of 2,500 calories every day or about 17, 500 calories in a week. The average American woman weighs 164 lbs and eats an average of 1,770 calories every day or about 12,400 calories in a week. A 1-hour walk 3 times a week at 3mph burns only about 900 calories a week for a man (5.2% of his intake), and only about 780 calories a week for a woman (6.3% of her intake). The truth is, burning 1,000 calories a week by exercise and activity improves your health, but to lose weight that expenditure needs to increase to 2,000 calories a week.

There is so much misinformation regarding what foods are healthy and what exercises will burn the most fat, it’s no wonder everyone ends up confused and disappointed from lack of results. The harsh reality is there are no quick fixes, no magic powder to sprinkle onto fast foods to cut out calories, no body massaging wand that will get rid of saddle bags and bloated bellies! It simply takes cutting hidden fat, sugar and salt from your diet and upping your physical activity.

Dieting without any physical activity results in muscle loss for both men and women. For every pound lost only 69% of that pound will be fat, the remaining 31% will originate from muscle loss. The ‘skinny fat’ approach is not a healthy solution.

A combination of cardio, strength and resistance training will result in 97% of the weight loss originating from fat tissue! An added bonus of muscle building exercise is that it boosts your metabolism all day long. This helps to burn up to an additional 100 calories a day, which equates to approximately 10 lbs over a period of 1 year! All it takes is 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 4 times each week. Commit only 2 to 3 hours out of your 168-hour week and you will greatly reduce your health risks and fast track your way to your best body yet!

Statistics courtesy of National Association of Sports Medicine.

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