Re-ignite your Summer Fitness Program


Contributing Writer
Carolyn Wilcox
V.I.E. Fitness Owner

Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of the Summer Season. Here in the Chautauqua region we are blessed to have Chautauqua Lake on our doorstep, beautiful outdoor recreation areas, and some of the best golf courses in the USA!

Now is the perfect time to make necessary adjustments so you don’t sabotage your fitness and nutrition program. Going for walks on a sunny evening will not keep you strong and flexible for your outdoor activities, nor will it burn off the additional daily caloric intake of ice cream, cocktails, cold beer and other treats we indulge in during the summer social season.

We tend to eat later in the day and entertain more during the summer. Try to keep daily caloric intake to approximately 1,500 calories for women, 2,000 for men. Helpful tips:

  • Keep all meals and snacks at less than 20% fat calories.
  • Consume at least 50% of your calories from unrefined starches.
  • Consume no more than 200mg cholesterol and less than 2000mg of sodium per day.
  • Keep sugar to no more than 5%-10% of daily calories.
  • Minimize your consumption of caffeine or stimulants.
  • Cut out soda altogether and minimize alcoholic beverages.

Myfitness is a free app and a great way to track your daily food intake and exercise program.

By incorporating strength and resistance training to your cardio, you can burn off the 2,000 calories you need to expend every week in order to maintain weight loss. If you walk 45 minutes a day at 3 mph three times a week, you will only expend 588 calories for women weighing av. 166 lbs, and 692 calories for men weighing av. 196 lbs.

By adding a metabolic resistance circuit at the Gym 3 times a week for 40 minutes at high intensity will expend an additional 1,078 calories for women, and 1,270 calories for men. During these work outs target muscle groups for your specific outdoor activities, such as core, legs and upper arms for golfers, water skiers and paddle boarders. Back, neck and upper arms for gardeners. All over body strengthening for sports. This will aid in maintaining a healthy weight range, overall body conditioning, decreasing your risk of injury, while also increasing your stamina and strength.

Before we know it, September will be here. So start making these changes to your daily fitness and nutrition regime today! Feel confident and sexy in your summer clothes and swimwear, and enjoy a safe, healthy fun-filled summer season.

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