Property Foreclosure and NY Connects – Start Now!


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An issue that seems to be growing in many communities is property foreclosures. There are many factors that that can lead to a situation where one may be facing tax foreclosure on their property. NY Connects can offer some information, assistance and referral to community partners that work with consumers in this area. If you are a property owner that may be facing a tax foreclosure- you need to respond fast!
There are some options to avoid losing your home. Options may include working with the mortgage servicer on a repayment plan, requesting temporary deferments or forbearance, listing the home for sale, or more. Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. has housing counselors that work with homeowners initiating applications to NY State for financial assistance toward their mortgages. Timing is critical in submitting these applications. The earlier you start, the more likely you have the time to apply, respond, and act to keep your home. COI’s Housing Counselors can provide services at COI’s Connections North offices, located at 10825 Bennett Road, Dunkirk, NY (366-8176), as well as at the Laughlin Community Action Center, located at 402 Chandler Street, Jamestown, NY, (661-9430).

NY Connects can help by informing the client about some money savings programs they may be eligible for. By starting early and contacting NY Connects- you may find out that you are eligible for programs that can save you money. This can free up monies you can save to pay your taxes. You may be eligible for legal services to assist in resolving the tax foreclosure. Call NY Connects to find out services are available for yourself or others. Check in with family and friends regarding how they are managing with taxes. It can be a sensitive subject to talk about but if there is a need you may be able to help that person connect to services. So talk to family, friends and neighbors. Tax foreclosure can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. Together, NY Connects can help you apply for tax credits or discounts that you may not know you are eligible for! If you are struggling to pay your taxes, we can also review your other bills to see where money can be saved. Please do not wait to get help! If you know someone is struggling, call NY connects for more information.

NY Connects is the place to call to get connected to the help you need. It is confidential and free and focused on your needs. The NY Connects Helpline at (716) 753-4582, 363-4582 or 661-7582 or e-mail us at If you are in Mayville please stop and talk with one of our operators. We are located in the HRC Building at the county government offices in Mayville New York. NY Connects is brought to you by the Chautauqua County Office for the Aging and the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services.