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Positive Perseverance at Pablo’s Auto

Pablo Guzman and Naomi Moralis, owners and operators of Pablo's Auto Repair.

Contributing Writer
Walt Pickut

They say the longest journey begins with a single step–even if it’s across a tropical sea and nearly 2,000 miles as the crow flies. But it’s not too big a step if the other name for your destination is Falconer, New York—and the woman you love lives in Jamestown.

Pablo Guzman, a native of the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and Naomi Moralis, a Jamestown resident for much of her childhood, married about 22 years ago, raised their three sons in the local school systems, and have now operated the always-busy and popular Pablo’s Auto Repair for more than a decade in Falconer. Pablo brings the energy and commitment to his work that he gained as both a top student at the Instituto Tecnológico de Puerto Rico and an award-winning intercollegiate track and field star. Naomi is also a graduate of ITPR.

Pablo’s remarkable success in the United States however, is an unusually positive story of persistence and perseverance. After the birth of Pablo and Naomi’s first son, the couple eventually established their first home with Naomi’s parents, longtime residents of Jamestown. Having previously completed his University level training in his specialties of electrical and mechanical engineering, Pablo tested to become a licensed mechanical engineer in New York.

Unfortunately, as often happens to foreign language speakers in the United States, the language barrier, entirely unrelated to Pablo’s knowledge base and skills, soon blocked his plans. He passed the math section of the credentialing exam, but did not pass the reading comprehension in English. Upon appeal, he traveled to Buffalo and was simply presented with three images he’d never seen before. As that was the full extent of the appeal, he failed. Pablo then went to work in a local automobile shop, but only for a few years.

Pablo, however, simply said, “No me rindo!” “I don’t quit!” He soon responded by establishing his own company, bypassing the lesser employment opportunities somebody else had closed. Pablo likes a challenge. Speaking to the Jamestown Gazette through Naomi whose English is more fluent, Pablo added with a broad smile, “When things get tough, and it seems impossible, that’s when I make it. It’s very satisfying to overcome those things.”

The walls of Pablo’s shop now display the necessary certifications, licenses, and official state authorizations for the work of a busy and successful auto shop. For Automotive fans, there’s also a shelf loaded to overflowing with racing and automotive trophies and a wall of race car photos displaying some of his finest work.

That never-quit attitude now stands behind every car that customers bring to Pablo’s Auto Repair. Over the course of about 15 years of servicing thousands of cars, Pablo only counts about 12 mysteries almost beyond solving—until he sent him back to the new car dealership, and four of those even they could not solve. Pablo always enjoys a challenge, yet he’s always eager to collaborate beyond his shop if necessary to better serve his customer.

Once in a great while, though, Pablo has even solved a problem beyond a text book’s reach. Like a customer’s car that, in spite of a perfect engine, would barely run at all—until he evicted the family of squirrels camped out inside the air filter.

Over the years, Pablo has now developed a loyal customer base and strong word-of-mouth referrals based on his always excellent work, attention to details, and honesty.

To learn more, call (716) 487-2537 or visit Pablo’s neat, always clean Auto Shop at 1975 East Main St. in Falconer, NY, near the Rt. 86 Exit 13 on-ramp.

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