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Approximately 1,300 Planet Fitness centers can be found around the country, and Lakewood is now a part of that number. Located in the Chautauqua Mall, Planet Fitness is a spacious gym for people of all levels of fitness to stay active.

There were roughly 800 establishments in 2015 and the number has since grown exponentially.

“With Planet Fitness we’re always looking to move to new areas where people may not have a gym that caters toward their needs,” said Jonathan Habuda, Regional Manager of Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is independently owned and operated, and Lakewood is the 22nd club of the regional franchise group.

All memberships include access to a fitness instructor who develops a program that caters to members’ physical needs, called ‘Design Your Own Program.’ The program targets specific goals of the trainee, and the instructor will work with any limitations or concerns such as previous injuries. “You can use the fitness instructor as much or as little as you would like to but we definitely highly recommend using her,” Habuda said. The fitness instructor also teaches classes that focus on individual parts of the body to ensure an effective workout.

The Planet Fitness 360 Circuit class has grown to be the most popular class. The class features a piece of equipment featured on The Biggest Loser. The instructor coaches people through the 30-minute workout, whether it’s a class focused on strength or cardio.

“Our business model is centered on having an atmosphere with a judgment-free zone,” Habuda said. “We really want to have a comfortable environment for people who may have never been to a gym before and we want to make it as comfortable and as easy to transition as possible. That’s why we wanted to go to Lakewood and that’s why we’re excited to be there.”

Planet Fitness has approximately 40 treadmills, 10 trainers and multiple user-strength weight machines that focus on strengthening each body part. “When you come workout you never have to worry about waiting for a piece of equipment because we have tons of them,” Habuda said.

Planet Fitness is currently running their final One Dollar Down sale, so people can join for $1 and pay a monthly fee of $10 per month, with no commitment required. This deal will last until August 16.

The Black Card membership is the most popular membership, and includes extra perks like use of the hydro massage beds, half-price cooler drinks and the opportunity to bring a guest who can work out for free. This membership is $0 down and $19.99 per month. The Black Card member can enjoy the Lakewood location as much as they want, and can also use of any of the Planet Fitness centers nationwide, 10 times a month. This offer also ends August 16.

For more information, visit or call 716.763.0270.

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