Pike’s Auto Repair and Detailing

Courtesy photo. Left: The entrance to Pike’s Auto Repair and Detailing. Right: Josh Pike, owner of Pike’s Auto Repair and Detailing, hard at work.
Courtesy photo.
Left: The entrance to Pike’s Auto Repair and Detailing. Right: Josh Pike, owner of Pike’s Auto Repair and Detailing, hard at work.

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Walt Pickut

“Make your car happy. Drive on in to Pike’s.” That’s the sign on the front of the Pike’s Auto Repair & Detailing garage on Route 474 in Ashville, New York.

It’s pretty clear there are a lot of happy cars in Chautauqua County, thanks to Josh Pike, the owner and chief mechanic of the shop. The lot outside is full of cars, either waiting to be picked up by satisfied customers or waiting in line for Josh’s expert care. Here and there among the cars are also boats waiting to be detailed and farm equipment ready to be driven back into service for this summer’s growing season.

“It’s been satisfied customers and word-of-mouth that have kept us growing the three years since we opened Pike’s garage,” said Debbie Pike, office manager for her son Josh’s business. “We want to thank our community for their support. It’s been a pleasure starting a business here.”

“I’ve been around cars, under them and inside of them, since I was five years old,” Josh says proudly. “But I knew loving cars wouldn’t be enough.” Josh completed automotive internships in high school and graduated from Ohio Technical College with the degree of Master Technician. After working with a number of local automotive businesses to sharpen his skills and gain more experience, Josh opened his own work bay in the corner of his family’s large storage garage.

His business grew so quickly that he soon took over the entire garage and the wide fields around it, now lined with customers’ cars, trucks, boats and tractors and banners waving in the wind proclaiming Service and Repairs.
Pike’s patrons include a few unusual customers. “There’s an antique auto dealer who brings his cars here to be reconditioned and restored. The oldest one I have worked on so far was a 1932 Dodge. Then there was Mr. Miyagi’s car,” Josh adds. “A local dealer bought the car owned by the actor (Pat Morita) who played Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. I was honored he brought it here for the work it needed.”

A few local used car dealers also bring their purchases to Pike’s Auto Repair to be brought up to safe and standard specs suitable for a good warranty to go with each sale.

One of Josh Pike’s strongest impressions of starting a new business in Chautauqua County is the generous help and support he has received from so many of the other auto repair and service dealers in the neighborhood. “Everybody helps everybody else when they can,” he says. “It’s a great environment to build a business in.”

“We can do just about any kind of repair and service,” Josh said. From undercoating to transmissions and from windshield wipers to rebuilding motors, Pike’s can handle it, including adding more staff when needed for more work. Growth is as important in Josh’s business plan as excellence is in all his work.

Pike’s Auto Repair’s business has grown every year as has the number of referrals from satisfied customers. The garage is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. “We’re pleased to tell our customers that we now accept MasterCard and Visa,” Debbie Pike said. “It’s a convenience for our customers and we’re glad we can do that now.” Visit the shop at 4819 Route 474 in Ashville or call 716-763-8945 to schedule work.

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