Pearl City Arts Building

Some of the Current Tenants (L to R): Dan Tedquist, Karen Hansen, Tim Palmgren, Braedon Jim, Craig & Michelle Benson, Mark & Brodie Carlson.
Some of the Current Tenants (L to R): Dan Tedquist, Karen Hansen, Tim Palmgren,
Braedon Jim, Craig & Michelle Benson, Mark & Brodie Carlson.

Article Contributed by
Lisa Yaggie

If you have lived in the Jamestown area for a while, you have a tendency to remember places by what they USED to be.

So for example, Quick Solutions and Crown Street Roasting are in the Woolworths Building, also known as the Gokey Building. 203 -205 Cherry Street has a long history in downtown Jamestown. Best remembered for being the home of Pearl City Paint & Glass, today that address showcases some of downtown’s most innovative merchants.

Mark Carlson, Director of the Pearl City Arts Building has gathered a diverse consortium of businesses together to offer all kinds of different experiences. Carlson states that the tenants of Pearl City Arts Building have organically gone down the artistic and holistic path towards success. He is pleased with the way each business is growing and proudly says they are like a family.

“Each one is great to work with individually or together as a group,” Carlson said. He is also proud of the hard work that he has put into renovating the building. Constant renovation projects since 2003 have resulted in some stunning office spaces. And as if all the hard wood and high ceilings weren’t enough, the building, which is shaped like a square donut, has a NYC-worthy court yard at the 2nd floor roof-top level.
Current Tenants:

  • Tarmac Catering – Craig & Michelle Benson
  • Kleer Capsules – Braedon Jim
  • Bodies by Rose Mary / Trinity Martial Arts & Fitness – Rose Mary Damond & Anthony Hubbard
  • Coffee & Canvas – Kim & Dan Tedquist
  • Sun Moon Yoga & Wellness – Karen Hansen
  • The Q Sports Bar & Nightclub – Justin Lindell Dawn Lindell
  • GypsyMoon Cake Co. – Geneva Coan
  • Gifts, Décor & More – Tim Palmgren
  • The Cheeky Boutique
  • Jessica L. Cobb Boudoir Photographer

Building History, 203 – 207 Cherry
Who remembers the Jamestown City Directory? This reference book used to be THE way to find out about businesses, addresses, building tenants. If you go to the Fenton History Center’s Research Center you can find an original copy going back to the late 1800s.

Mysterious Name Changes
Starting in the ‘50s, the Jamestown City Directory was sponsored by Pearl City Paint and Glass – 205 Cherry St. – The Phillips Building. Between the 1922 and 1928 city directories, the name of the building changed from Reynolds to Phillips, but no mention of why is offered. Some tenants in 1922 included a lumber company, a chiropractor, several dentists, a couple of insurance companies, a wholesale notions business, a typewriter shop and the Swedish Brotherhood Hall.

By 1928 the notions company was selling cigars, the dentist and insurance agencies survived, the Hurd & Fitzgerald Shoe Company had moved in and others had moved out. No tenants had the names of either Reynolds or Phillips.

In the Jamestown Sesqui-Centennial (150 yrs) commemorative booklet, Pearl City Paint & Glass was advertised as moving into its new location at 205 Cherry Street in 1947. It was said to “occupy five floors and the basement of the Phillips Building.”

The Future for Pearl City Arts Building
What is next for the Pearl City Arts Building depends upon the next great idea. If your business is “artsy” or health & wellness related, Mark Carlson wants you to consider space in his building. There is still “lots of space available. It can even be something as large as 3000 square feet,” Carlson said.

The Pearl City Arts Building appears to have a future as big as Mark Carlson’s dreams for it, and as great as the plans the next tenants bring to this venerable and historic piece of Jamestown’s architectural heritage.
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