Everyone knows them. They’re your neighbors, friends, the fellas who sit there, quietly waiting, watching . . . pouncing! Always ready for action – these men are the epitome of little boys refusing to grow up! They’re the ones who come up with things that make one just stop and stare, not knowing whether to laugh or scold. They’re ornery old fogies!

If you’ve time someday, stop in at your favorite, friendly country restaurant or nearby coffee parlor, around 10 am would be good. Come in, sit down, and wait . . . just wait for “it.” “It’ll” sit right down at the middle 1950’s style table. “It” will sit at one end and his beautiful other half on the other end (you’ll observe her being a gentlewoman, refined, quiet, smiling, dainty in stature). You’ll see “it” take off her jacket, gently help her to her chair, and get her coffee. “It’ll” even order her toast and help her with whatever she needs.

An innocent and familiar employee will pass by and lovingly throw a coat over “its” head (“it” needs to keep warm). Let the games begin! “It” will complain that “it’s” not loved and the employee will ruffle “its” few strands of hair and gently kiss “its” forehead, leaving a lovely memento of bright red lipstick to brighten “its” day (just being a good friend). “Its” face will turn bright red and a few comments will be exchanged and laughter will ensue – another good day of fun and folly at AGS!

“It” will admit that only the dainty creature sitting opposite of “it” can put up with the antics – as she has for over 50 years – God bless her! “It” will also goad that above mentioned employee into continuing with the desired attention by not allowing her to get on about her business by various comments “it” feels “it” needs to voice! “It” is always looking for attention, so while you’re there, feel free to engage “it” in conversation and playful banter – “it” will enjoy the fun and “its” lovely wife will sit there and grin, quietly enjoying the laughter and teasing!

Most of us know these men; they’re regulars at coffee parlors and restaurants! They come in with old jokes and big smiles! They’re the sunshine that enters the room even if it’s dreary outside. They’ve stories of past military campaigns and of playing hide and seek with the grandchildren! They’re the ones who’ll bring in a bouquet of flowers just to brighten your day, and then walk quietly away as you enjoy their aroma, your eyes closed, and your thoughts a thousand miles away. They’re the ones who know when you’re happy, or sad. They’re the ones who know when you may need a good laugh, or just a hug.

You gotta’ love ‘em! You really do. They’re ornery old fogies, and I hope you’re blessed to have a few of them in your life. If you don’t, come down to the friendly country restaurant where I work, Ashville General Store, 10:00 am, and I’ll share mine . . . but remember, I found it first, I’m only sharing, you can’t have “it” – “it’s” my ornery old fogie!

-Miss Judy  ” For my dear friend, Jerry”

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