One of Our Own: Liam Crandall

Liam Crandall (19, Bemus Point)

Article Contributed by
Faith Gibbons

Liam Crandall (19, Bemus Point) is a local musician and production student from JCC, who recently put out his first EP of original music.

Growing up in a musical background, Crandall has always had a stable foundation in various types of performance art and several different outlets where he could learn from.

“Both of my parents are extremely musical.

My mother is a music teacher, my dad was in a band before I was born and is still in a band today, they were both in my church’s band together as well, so music has always been a big part of my life,” states Crandall.

It wasn’t until he auditioned and got the part for a couple local musicals that he realized his own passion for music. “I played Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, and then about two years later I was in The Sound of Music with my mom, and that was in the 6th grade. Those kind of acted as a gateway for me joining my church youth band, which I was in all the way up until 12th grade. Throughout that entire time, I was writing my own music but I didn’t have a very good understanding of how to, so it was mostly just simple piano melodies, and eventually it evolved into the music I’m making today, which I’m hoping will evolve into more in the future as well.”

Crandall released his first ever extended play album in July of this year, called “Flood Waters,” which includes six fully-original and personally produced songs. He considers his genre to be alternative, and he is currently influenced most by blackbear and Twenty One Pilots. Flood Waters was released under the stage name “3 Days of Rain,” which holds a special meaning for the artist. “3 Days of Rain was actually a band name a few of my friends and I came up with in the 4th grade,” he laughs. “I ended up keeping it and the artwork we came up for it as well, and I actually just let my sister, Emily, re-create it however she wanted and I absolutely love how it turned out. She was so excited to be able to do that, too, which made me happy.”

When asked what drives his passion for music, Crandall’s difficulty to name a singular thing only further confirmed his overall love and dedication to the art as a whole. “So much goes into creating music – from singing; production; performing, which is a whole other aspect, but out of everything I would have to say my favorite part about music is the creativity. Creativity goes into every single part of how music is formed. From the writing, to the end of production, it’s all mine. It’s all whatever I want to do with it.”

Crandall’s plans going forward include continuing to write and create music, playing shows when and where possible, and eventually getting his degree in Recording Technologies.
“Hopefully I can just continue making music that others will enjoy.”
Flood Waters is available to listen and download anywhere you can find music.

To keep up with Liam’s musical endeavors, you can follow his Instagram: @3_daysofrain