How did I get Here? – One Day

Julia Garstecki-Derkovitz

As an aspiring freelancer, I subscribe to a plethora of magazines. I love seeing them in the mailbox, so smooth and shiny, begging me to read them. I look forward to sitting down with a mug of coffee, feet propped up on the coffee table, dog’s head in my lap while I read it cover to cover on my leather sofa, a nice fire keeping me toasty. Then I remember I don’t have that life, so I peruse the headlines and skim one or two pages before I set it in the pile of Things I’ll Read One Day.

Oh, so many things to do One Day. One Day I’ll start scrap booking again, One Day I’ll clean the basement, One Day I’ll pick up that unfinished novel and come up with an ending. And One Day, I will sit with a mug of coffee, feet propped up, and read a magazine cover to cover.

Really, though, I’m not looking to read the magazines to change my life. It’s very rare to read an article about adding spice to my marriage and not roll my eyes at the same time. And a tip I read about in a health magazine suggested I wear something that feels good against my skin. Really? Is this something some women have to be told? I’ve got a good size group of girlfriends, and we pretty much always wear sweats-yoga pants if we’re feeling sassy, and jeans if we’re going to be in mixed company. Do other women not do this?

My husband reads two magazines-People (how else will he know the hijinks Lindsay Lohan is up to?) and Consumer Reports. If I want to ‘connect’ to my husband, as advised by every women’s magazine ever, all I have to do is say something like, “So, did you see the coffee maker you chose is rated number one in Consumer Reports? Good pick, honey!” and voila! He lights up like the sky on the 4th of July.

My kids love to get their magazines as well. Hey-if you need a gift idea-there you go. You can thank me via email. Now, if I can just get them to sit on the sofa, a mug of chocolate milk, to read those thing in one sitting, cover to cover, my One Day might get here a little sooner, stinky dog and all.

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Julia was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University, she moved to Houston, Texas to teach fourth grade. That didn't last long, as she married soon after and became a western New Yorker. After working at The Boys and Girls Club in Dunkirk as the Education Coordinator and working in the Special Education Department at Chautauqua Lake High School, she found her way to Bemus Point Elementary School. While teaching fourth grade at BPE, she completed her Masters Degree in Reading Education and became an adjunct professor at SUNY Fredonia in the Education Department. After having two children, Julia decided to stay home, though she currently works as a Student Supervisor for SUNY Fredonia in the Education Department. This allows her to still work in area schools, while having the flexibility to be home with her son and daughter. Recently she decided to give her passion for writing a try and has found success writing for regional parenting magazines and national anthologies. In her spare time she attends classes at Buffalo State College, completing her certification in Special |Facebook