Oakridge Outdoors TV


Oakridge Outdoors TV is a new, innovative and family friendly hunting program that is based out of western New York.

Follow the Oakridge Outdoors TV Team as they spend weekends, days off, and vacations chasing game across this great country of ours. Watch us as we hunt monster spring gobblers in Chautauqua County New York, to wild boars in Florida, trophy Elk in Wyoming, waterfowl in upstate New York, bear hunting in Minnesota, and whitetail deer anywhere we can find them, as the Oakridge Outdoors TV Team are Livin’ the Dream Everyday.

The sports men and women that make up the Oakridge Team come from every walk of life and each corner of this Great Country of ours, Craig Robbins CEO of Robbins Outdoors Enterprise LLC shares.

Oakridge Outdoors TV show follows everyday hunters doing what they do past, HUNT.

The Team are not professional hunters at Oakridge Outdoors TV , each member works hard at their real jobs just like the average sportsmen and women but second only to our God, families, friends, hunting is their passion.

On Oakridge Outdoors TV we will be sharing our outdoor adventures with the viewers of the Hunt Channel. While there is plenty of action on Oakridge Outdoors TV, viewers will be following all the highs and lows, the hits and miss, the good times with family and friends as the help pass along the tradition’s of the great outdoors.

“The Hunt Channel TV is very excited to welcome, the Team from Oakridge Outdoors TV to DISH channel 266 on the Angel Two network,” Rock Mann, Hunt Channel EVP Producer. “We, at the Hunt Channel are looking forward to bringing all of Oakridge Outdoors TV and showing the Oakridge Teams hunting adventures to a nationwide audience.”
Oakridge Outdoors TV  isn’t Hollywood, so there are no take twos when hunting with the video camera. Watch the hunt as it happens without any magical edits. Watch the hits, the misses, and most of all the good times with family and friends as Oakridge Outdoors TV joins the Hunt Channel each Sunday evening at 6:30 starting October 6th, for entire fourth quarter of 2013.

Oakridge Outdoors TV  is presented by Oakridge Game Calls, Robbins Scents, True Timber Camo, Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau, Hawkeye Optics, In-Sane Archery and Maine Hunters TV.com.