Novel Destinations

Owner, Carrie Wolfgang, shelving some of her favorite titles.
Owner, Carrie Wolfgang, shelving some of her favorite titles.

The walls are lined to the very tops with books: hardbacks, soft covers, cookbooks, and more – a veritable readers’ paradise. The warm and cozy book nook is decked out in literary style, with chairs in every room to aid readers in their browsing, as well as a fair dose of inspiration in the form of quotes hung intermittently on the walls. Novel Destinations holds plenty of new horizon for readers to explore, right from their favorite cozy chair. From mystery to action, fantasy to classics, owner Carrie Wolfgang offers a wide array of literature for every reader.

“It’s a whole new world, being a small business owner,” Carrie explains with a smile. Prior to bookstore ownership, Carrie was a nurse for 30 years, spreading her cheerful kindness through taking care of patients. Moving back to the area to care for her mother, she later found herself presented with the opportunity to open the charming bookshop. “My brother encouraged me to open up that bookstore we never opened up together,” she says. “I thought I would be nursing here in town…but, it turned out that it was an opportunity and I took it.” For over three years, Novel Destinations has been offering literary food for thought and creating lasting bonds with customers and the surrounding community. “I am still touching people every day in ways that, as a nurse, I did not.”

Spread out across three rooms, the book sanctuary holds fiction and nonfiction alike, spanning across the genres. Each genre has its own section, claiming such great features such as Agatha Christie, R.A. Salvatore, all the Classics, and more. Upon entering, Carrie guides readers through the tomes, giving a tour of the titles so patrons are not lost. If a certain title is desired, she is ready and willing to help, having manually catalogued all the titles by hand. “Like I said, I was a nurse,” she laughs. “My book inventory is all charted, a pen and paper kind of thing.” The skills she once used to record and remember her patients are helpful when transferred to cataloguing a book inventory. She also is happy to assist customers with ordering books online, for a small fee. “I do small orders for those who aren’t comfortable ordering online,” she mentions.

“This is a labor of love,” Carrie explains. “If I can break even and still donate back to the community, I’m good.” The kindly owner takes books each month and leaves them in places where they are needed: laundry mats, the Blue Star Mothers, the V.A. “There are so many places where books can go…I try not to let any go to waste.” Carrie is also thankful for her patrons and he opportunity to talk with them, going above and beyond the role of shop keeper. “People come here and tell me their stories – I just never know what they will present when they come through the door.” From helping to find the perfect title to lending a listening ear, Carrie offers much more than a typical bookstore.

Novel Destinations is located at 177 Fluvanna Avenue in Jamestown, NY. They are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. For more information, visit their facebook, or give the, a call at 716-489-1496. “You can travel anywhere, from the safety of your own home,” Carrie reminds. “Keep reading!”