Nouveau Salon & Day Spa

Susan Marlinski, Owner of Nouveau and Alyssa Nelson, Stylist

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Lisa Yaggie

Susan Marlinski, Owner of Nouveau and Alyssa Nelson, Stylist

Relax! Take time for yourself! These sound like easy things to do but often we don’t follow this advice. Nouveau Salon & Day Spa, located in the 4th & Pine Professional building in downtown Jamestown, offers a full menu of beauty and spa treatments that allow you to enjoy some me-time. Men and women alike need to feel good about themselves and this is the place to do that.

Owner, Sue Marlinski is thrilled to be a part of the vibrant city block that is home to several hot spots and thriving businesses. She notes that her move a year ago may have only been a block to the east, but her foot traffic has increased dramatically. Most can agree that downtown is really taking a turn for the better. Ms. Marlinkski loves that Nouveau has been a part of this transformation. She is glad to be part of the movement she sees happening downtown, where building owners and businesses are investing in the beauty of their locations. She mentioned how she was driving up Cherry St and noticed the eye catching chandelier in the new Uber Law firm office. It was so pretty that she went around the block to get another view. One might say, Sue has an eye for beauty, which is clearly reflected in her salon.

Sue and her husband, Paul, completed all the design work and renovations in their new location themselves and it is stunning. The interior is fresh and trendy, yet calming at the same time. Their salon offers not only expanded room for hair services but also a large private area for manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and massage treatments. Staff can also offer make-up styling classes for those wanting to try something new. This facility is perfect for wedding party sessions and Sue says it was so much fun to have nine wedding parties in this summer.

With the increase in business, Nouveau has been able to add three new stylists to the already contemporary and experienced team. When you enter the salon there is a real sense of energy.

In addition to the salon & spa, the building houses both the Nouveau Home Boutique and 2nd floor office space with as little as 300 sq. ft. up to 9200 sq. ft. available for rent.

As we head into the holiday season, it’s good to remember that the boutique has a variety of personal and home furnishings that make great gifts. Gift certificates for the salon also make excellent stocking stuffers!
“Business is Boomin’!” says Sue, “and we are grateful for all of our customers.”

The Jamestown Gazette is proud to recognize our dealers, outstanding corporate citizens of our county. This week, the Gazette especially thanks one of our newest dealers, Nouveau Salon & Day Spa, for faithfully carrying The Jamestown Gazette, The People’s Paper, for the benefit of their customers, our readers.