Nicole’s Cakes Plus


Contributing Writer
Linda Kent

Nicole Degolier wanted a career she could enjoy. Since she loved baking, she opened a bakery of course. After working 21 years as a general manager in various restaurants, Nicole found she loved working with people, but did not like cooking part of food service. Baking was her passion.

She learned to love baking by staying weekend with her Grandma. Her grandmother would always have a huge pan of cinnamon rolls and eventually Nicole started helping her make them. From there she progressed to cookies and cakes. What really got her started was her daughter challenging her to make her a cake, with a cheesecake in the middle. Her creative baking bug was born!

Wedding cakes are a specialty, but they may be slightly more difficult this year, Nicole is expecting a child around the first of August. However, she still plans to do what she can to make everyone happy on their special day.

Nicole started her business of baking specialty cakes in August 2021. She opened her current location at 172 Ivory Street, Frewsburg in January of this year. She said business is doing well, better than she expected which is always welcome for a new business. There have been some challenges recently with the increasing cost of eggs and butter, but she’s been able to work that out so far.

She laughs when she recalls how she offered cupcakes to customers and tells them that if they aren’t the best cupcakes they ever had, it would be free. If it was the best, then they have to come back and buy two. They always come back and buy more. The power of great cupcakes.

Nicole’s Cakes Plus carries delicious cupcakes, cookies and lemon bars. She also has breakfast pastries including cinnamon rolls, Danish, turnovers and muffins. In addition, she brings in local chocolate vendors.

Check out her webpage for upcoming fun events. At Easter, she had an Easter Egg Hunt and craft show with a BBQ dinner. Up next will be a car show with other fun things to see and do. The fun will continue throughout the year as the planning continues.

So stop in and try out one of Nicole’s delicious cupcakes. My pick? Lemon blueberry! Yum! Yum!