New Disposal Drop Box Location Opens at The Town of Ellicott Police Department

Article Contributed by
HOPE Chautauqua

This new drop box will allow local residents to dispose of unused

Monday – Friday,
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.,
FREE and anonymous

As part of Hope Chautauqua’s ongoing Take It To The Box campaign, this month they announced a new location site for a medication disposal drop box at the Town of Ellicott Police Department. This was accomplished through the combined efforts of 1st Sgt. Matthew Kubinski and Detective Kevin Pierce in conjunction with Kelley Potter, HOPE Chautauqua Coalition Coordinator/Chautauqua Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council (CASAC), National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, WNYCDC, Erie County Department of Health and the Western Regional Addiction resource Collaborative. The Drop Box will be located at the Town of Ellicott Administration Building, 215 South Work Street, Falconer, NY. This newly added drop box site will allow local residents to dispose safely of their unused, unwanted or expired prescription medication free and anonymously. By providing this drop box location for residents, they will have another place to dispose of medications safely in the county.

These drop box locations have made huge improvements not only county residents but for public health and the environment. Studies have shown that flushing prescription pills down the toilet that are unwanted or expired puts more drug compounds into the environment and water supply. HOPE Chautauqua’s Take It To THE BOX campaign is aimed at bringing awareness to the permanent disposal drop boxes in the county and three very important actions Safe Use, Safe Storage and Safe Disposal of medications. These important actions can be taken today to prevent the misuse of, and addiction to prescription drugs and heroin.

Chief William Ohnmeiss said that it is a much needed and welcomed program for our community. “We get calls all the time from citizens asking what they can do with their unused medications, now instead of referring them to other locations they can come to us”. Proper prescription drug disposal is so very important. It will help to prevent illicit drug use, unintentional poisoning and water pollution as many people dispose of medication into our waste water systems., Any question citizens can contact the town of Ellicott Police Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., at 716-665-7083. Disposal times would be the same Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

There are additional drop box sites available 24/7 across Chautauqua County: Jamestown Police Department (201 East 2nd St. Jamestown), Westfield Police Department (27 Elm St. Eason Hall Westfield), Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office (15 E. Chautauqua St. Mayville), Fredonia Police Department (9 Church St. Fredonia), City of Dunkirk Police Department (342 Central Avenue, Dunkirk) and Silver Creek Court Clerk’s Office Municipal Building (172 Central Ave. Silver Creek; M-Th, 9am-2pm). Again, all of these are free and anonymous and local residents are encouraged to utilize these resources without fear.

For more information about the disposal of prescription drugs you can go to HOPE Chautauqua on Facebook or contact CASAC at 366-4623 or 664-3608.


HOPE Chautauqua is a community substance abuse prevention coalition and an initiative of Chautauqua Alcohol & Substance Abuse Council (CASAC). Since 1974, CASAC has provided prevention education and community awareness regarding the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. For more information visit