New Comedy Show Premier at Lucille Ball Comedy Festival

Allie Brady, star of “nameless!” comedy.
Allie Brady, star of “nameless!” comedy.

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The “nameless!” Comedy Team

The producers of “nameless!” comedy will be presenting nameless underground, a new show that is full of improv and standup comedy. The show will premier during the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival 2015.
The show stars Allie Brady, Brandon Abbott, Brian Netzel, Bronson Abbott, Bruce Wilson and Marisa Caruso. This show will be filmed before a live studio audience. The eclectic cast will build the show on the spot, based on audience suggestions and the minds of the standup comedians.
Celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Nick Offerman and Regis Philbin will be doing special shows during the weekend of comedy in Jamestown, NY. Rising star, Allie Brady will be joining “nameless!” for the Lucy Fest show as well.
“nameless!” comedy is a comedy entertainment and production company known for wild cosplay antics and former cast members spread far and wide. Join nameless on Saturday August 1, at 7:00pm in The Forum 201 N. Main St, Jamestown, NY. For more information and tickets go to:
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