New Children’s Book Explores History, Fantasy

The cover illustration created by Dan Nuhfer.
The cover illustration created by Dan Nuhfer.

On November 8th from 10:30am – 4:00pm and November 19th from 10:30am – 6:00pm, author Devin Nuhfer will be at the Warren Public Library in Warren County to sign copies of his latest children’s book, Scavenger Run: The Sandbox in Rackett Park. Copies of the book will be on sale for $5 plus tax at the signings. Ebook versions can be purchased online through Amazon, Smashwords or

The book is about Zoey, who moves into a small town called Scavenger Run. She finds out that mysterious creatures have recently begun to haunt the nearby woods and they may be connected with a local myth dating back to before the American Revolution. Labeled as X-Files meets Harry Potter, Scavenger Run is intended for younger readers, but can also be enjoyed by an older audience.

Mr. Nuhfer graduated from Edinboro University’s History Program. He says his interest in history helped inspire some of the story elements. Nuhfer went on to say that “the flashbacks in the book were very loosely inspired by the western Pennsylvania region before the French and Indian War. At the time, the French and English were trying to control that part of the frontier, while the native tribes sought to ally themselves with whoever they thought would best serve their interests.”

The author said that he chose not to send the book to a traditional book publisher, but instead elected to independently publish Scavenger Run online through websites like Amazon and Smashwords. “Ten years ago, publishing a book independently seemed like a longshot. Now, with online stores and electronic reading devices, it’s more viable,” Nuhfer said. “Being independent, however, has its own challenges. You have to be the author as well as the marketing department.” Nuhfer added that while it’s easy to publish online, it still takes time to build a fan base and find a market.

Starting early next year, Nuhfer says he hopes to make Scavenger Run into a continuing series, with new stories coming out on a quarterly basis. “Future books will involve robots, vampires, and other oddities,” Nuhfer promised. He went on to say that he is currently working on two non-Scavenger Run stories that he plans to release sometime later this year. For updates on Scavenger Run, you can visit or follow @NuhferPress on twitter.