New Breastfeeding Curriculum



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Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cornell Cooperative Extension Chautauqua County’s EFNEP Program would like to announce that it’s “National Breastfeeding Month”. Cornell Cooperative Extension, EFNEP Program (Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program) are celebrating Moms everywhere!

We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out what you should be eating to keep you and your baby healthy. It is common for mothers to prioritize the infant’s health above their own; however, mother’s health and well-being are essential for the breastfeeding experience to be successful. She needs strength and energy to take care of herself and her baby, so it is important for her to get plenty of rest and sleep whenever possible.

Many mothers have questions regarding breastfeeding, so, in support of the National Breastfeeding Month, Cornell Cooperative Extensions is excited to announce that the EFNEP program has a new Breastfeeding Curriculum.
The program assists low income pregnant or breastfeeding mothers on: Knowing the Importance of Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Preparation (understanding the biological process that takes place in mother and baby increases a mother’s confidence in breastfeeding.), Breastfeeding Holds and Common Breastfeeding Issues, Understanding How to Decode the Infant Hunger Signals, How to Pump and Store Breastmilk, Identify and Discuss Ways to Deal with Common Challenges Associated with Breastfeeding, The Concerns of Breastfeeding in Public, Workplace Policy and Support for Breastfeeding Mothers, Knowing When, and How to Start Baby on Solid Foods.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Classes are being offered in the North part of Chautauqua County which includes Dunkirk and surrounding areas and in the South County, which includes Jamestown and surrounding areas. For more information please feel free to call either Else Alonge or Iris Ruiz at Cornell Cooperative Extensions at 664-9502. You can also reach Alonge by e-mail at or Ruiz by e-mail at or visit our website at

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