My First Women in Networking Meeting


Contributing Writer
Darlene Brace

It was a beautiful sunny winter day as I approached the JCC Carnahan Building. I was going there to attend a luncheon/meeting that I had read about online. It was being hosted by the Small Business Development Center of Jamestown. This luncheon was part of their Women in Networking group.

Being a new business owner myself as a travel agent, this was my first time going to a networking meeting. I didn’t know what to expect. I walked into a small classroom to find about 20 women sitting at long banquet style tables. In front stood the group’s leader, local realtor Roberta Thompson and the presenter. As I sat down in the back row, Roberta began the meeting. She introduced herself and then said that she wanted each of us to take turns introducing ourselves. As the women went around the room, I was pleased and surprised at the variety of business women that were at this luncheon.

This included a few bankers,a woman that sells specialty popcorn, a dog walker, a juicer, a yoga instructor, the owner of the Jamestown Gazette and many more. When the the introductions were finished, we had time to eat our lunch that was provided for us for a small fee. While we were finishing our lunch, the presenter, Jody Perrin began the presentation. She began by telling us that she is a JCC alumni.

Jody began her presentation on small business marketing strategies. Jody explained her top ten marketing strategies for small business owners. She provided a wealth of information and also allowed for time for questions and answers. Jody also stayed after the presentation to talk to people individually that had additional questions. After she finished her presentation, we were encouraged to exchange business cards. We had great conversations, sharing information about our businesses. It was a great networking opportunity. The entire event lead to a very interesting and informative afternoon of networking with fellow businesswoman.

For those of you that may be interested in attending, the Women in Networking meetings occur every month on the second Thursday of the month from 11:30 am-1:00pm at the JCC Carnahan building. The topics for the presentations vary month to month. Whether you are an experienced owner, a new business owner, or even if you are just considering being a business owner, all women are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity for socializing, networking, and getting ideas for your business . If you want to sign up to participate in this luncheon/presentation, you can go online to Once you are on their website, locate the Women in Networking tab. It will direct you how to sign up for this event by following the prompts. I am looking forward to next month to attend the Women in Networking luncheon. Maybe I’ll see you there.