Miller Hall Financial


Contributing Writer
Robert Houston

“I haven’t met an unkind person yet,” said Elisabeth Hall of Miller Hall Financial of Jamestown. Building solid and lasting relationships with their clients is the primary goal of the company, said Hall, who, along with her father, G. Craig Miller, owns the firm.

Hall has been in the insurance and financial planning business for eleven years. Prior to joining her father’s already successful company, “I was at the Development Office with Heritage in Gerry. But I wanted a job that had more one–on–one interaction with people,” she said. “Also, I wanted to work for myself.”

A woman who knows how to get things done and doesn’t hesitate to do the necessary work, Hall obtained a Master’s Degree in Business and a second Master’s in Education. 

“My dad had built a good business relationship with his clients and he was interested in having me work with him. I joined him and I’ve loved it from the first day.”

Miller Hall Financial specializes in financial planning, 401K rollovers, business planning, individual stocks, and mutual funds, as well as life, disability, and long–term care insurance.

“We also handle AARP branded products, which means all of the insurances AARP offers.” Hall said.

AARP insurance acts as secondary coverage to Medicare health insurance and can be a bit cheaper than similar plans offered by brokers, she said. This is the time of year to be considering that kind of extra coverage.

Hall is set to spend the next two years finishing her law degree.

“We refer a lot of our people to attorneys for wills and other estate planning,” she explained. “It will be much more convenient for us, and for our clients, to be able to have all of that service right here, a one–stop shop. And even if they don’t use me as their attorney, they will know I have the expertise to give them the right advice on their estate planning.”

Hall said her father “has been in the financial service business for 47 years. It’s my desire to continue and build upon what he began and to focus on the needs of the people.”

As of November 1, Miller Hall Financial will be operating out of Sinclairville. 

“We’re moving because we want to be more centrally located in Chautauqua County. We have a lot of clients who come to us from the north part of the county.”

The company will be located at 11 Jamestown Street. It can be reached at the same telephone number, 484–4100 and the same e-mail address,

Asked what she thinks has made the company so successful, Hall said, “We’re a small, three–person business. My father, me, and our office manager, Julie Walker. We’re approachable. I never want to be a person who makes you feel nervous about asking questions, especially questions that affect your financial well–being. I’m easy to get along with and I think people feel comfortable with that.”

Hall repeated several times that, at Miller Hall Financial, people come first.

“We’re very good at staying in contact with our people. We’re really good listeners. We listen to you, understand your needs, and help you work out a plan that is fitted to you and what you want. You get honest, straightforward advice. We are not a cookie–cutter service. You’re going to come away feeling well–prepared with a good, solid financial plan so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected.”