Mike Randall to Perform “Charles Dickens Presents: A Christmas Carol” in Prendergast Library Fundraiser

Mike Randall performs as Charles Dickens in his one-man show.
Mike Randall performs as Charles Dickens in his one-man show.

Popular local performer Mike Randall will return to the Spire Theater for his one-man show, “Charles Dickens Presents: A Christmas Carol.” Randall, who has been performing as Dickens for over a decade, will bring his signature blend of commanding performance and authentic costume to bring Dickens to life on stage.

The show will run at the Spire Theater at 317 E. 3 rd St., on December 15 at 2:00 p.m. Admission is free, with donations gratefully accepted. All profits support the Prendergast Library.

Randall has performed in theatres nationwide, and is known for not only his performance as Dickens but also his highly praised one-man show, “Mark Twain Live!” Randall became interested in performing as Dickens when he learned that the author had performed in Buffalo in 1868.

In “Charles Dickens Presents: A Christmas Carol,” Randall entertains the audience as Dickens as he performs a reading of his famous Christmas tale. Randall has received rave reviews nationwide for his reenactments, which feature detailed costumes, a script based on historical documents, and a memorable presentation.

Reviews of Randall’s performance have lauded his use of a simple set that replicates what Dickens himself likely used at his reading in Buffalo, his effective costume that even includes a Dickensian hairstyle and facial hair, as well as Randall’s entertaining delivery that uses a variety of voices for different characters.