Mike Metzger Retires from CCIDA Board Chair Position

Mike Metzger

Served on CCIDA Board since March of 1999

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County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency

Mark Geise, Deputy County Executive for Economic Development and Chief Executive Officer of the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA), announces that Mike Metzger of Chautauqua, NY retired from the CCIDA Board Chairmanship in late December of 2022. Mr. Metzger served on the CCIDA Board admirably for almost 23 years, more than a decade of which was as its Chairman.

Mr. Metzger experienced a lot of changes over his 20+ years of service with the CCIDA, helping to position the organization as the leading economic development agency in the county, and ensuring the financial integrity of the organization in general. In a related role, he has also served as a voting board member of the Western New York Regional Economic Development Agency for many years, advocating for and representing the interest of Chautauqua County in this role with great integrity.

Earlier in the year, Mr. Metzger announced his retirement from his position as Vice President for Finance and Administration at SUNY Fredonia, and stated that he and his wife Marge wished to slow down and spend more time with their family, especially their grandchildren.

“Mike has played a crucial role in the CCIDA’s development,” explained Geise. “Through all of the ups and downs of the economy, challenges associated with changes in staff, and other trials, Mike has endured and led with a steady hand. Mike is respected by the business community, municipalities, the County, and the public at large, and has proven to be an honorable voice of the CCIDA for many years. Mike possesses great character and commitment, and he will surely be missed.”

Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel said, “I am sad to see Mike leave the CCIDA; however, I am also happy that he finally gets to relax after many years of committed service to the community and enjoy his family. I commend Mike for everything he has done for the CCIDA and the County, and I speak for the County as a whole when I utter these words of praise. Wherever I go, when I bring up the CCIDA, Mike’s name is always mentioned for the great leadership he has exhibited for many years. Mike will definitely be missed!”

“The compassion for others helped Mike bring excellence to every organization he led, including our Board. He genuinely cares about his community, employees, and friends. In my experience, his ethical behavior and enthusiastic personality made him an outstanding Board President. We’ll miss him,“ said CCIDA CFO, Rich Dixon.

Greg Peterson, CCIDA Legal Counsel from Phillips Lytle, said, “Mike has been a steady and consistent voice for the advancement of economic development activities for Chautauqua County since the beginning of his personal and professional career, and has most recently successfully guided the CCIDA through an ever-changing and progressive landscape.

Gary Henry, Owner of Fancher Chair in Falconer, was nominated by the CCIDA Board to replace Mr. Metzger as Chairman at their December 27, 2022 meeting.