Message From Rolling Hills Radio


Dear Rolling Hills Readers,

It will come as no surprise to any of you that the taping of Rolling Hills Episodes 97 and 98, scheduled for March 30 and April 27 are cancelled. We tentatively made the decision some time ago but held out some small hope. Our mayor wisely erased all hope.

As we all gaze into the unknown, it is heartening to see so many people demonstrating what American values are like in action. It is encouraging to watch people helping each other, keeping each other safe and fed. Even though most of us have self-quarantined, it is heartening that so many people are finding ways to keep in touch and support each other. America is made of kindness and ingenuity. We need it all now.

But what about live music and other entertainment? I, like you, have seen so much from so many people with concern about not only the void they feel, but about what artists, many of whom live hand-to-mouth, will do to cope with this major loss of income. There is no good answer to that. If you’d like to help, I suggest paying attention to ways to help them – watching their on-line concerts and contributing. Already I’ve seen RHR alumni like Town Pants, Steve Johnson (the Probables), Todd Burge, and Sean Patrick McGraw planning to give or giving concerts on Facebook. There will be more. Probably lots more. Bill Ward of Mayville, NY has stepped up to the plate, as he always does, to give a hand by organizing and putting a concert on. I’m sure he will do more. I have irons in the fire myself. Watch the RHR Facebook page for more about what the Ol’ Otto has coming up.

The truth is, while these on-line concerts provide help to offset musicians’ financial losses, in typical Americana fashion, artists are expressing concern about you, the supporters of our music. I’m seeing them say they want to help fill the void in your life, to bring happiness and pleasure into your living room.

Americana music – it comes from a genuine place in the hearts of good people.
The RHR Facebook page is always the most efficient way to get up-to-the-minute RHR info. We will also keep you updated via email.

Please, above all else, be safe.
Yer Friend, Ken