McClurg Museum Schedules Temporary Closure to Accommodate Renovation Work

The McClurg Museum

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Chautauqua County Historical Society

The Chautauqua County Historical Society (CCHS) will close the McClurg Museum to the public beginning Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2018 to accommodate much needed renovation and restoration work on the 200-year-old building.
During the closure, the museum will not be available for tours while much-needed work takes place in the building’s center stair hall. This project will complete the first stage of critical repairs identified by the historic structures report that was completed in 2015. The work is tentatively scheduled to be completed by early February.
Major structural renovations and repairs at McClurg started this past summer. In the work getting under way now, the open walkway at the top of the winding stair on the second floor level will be reinforced, the ceiling will be restored to its original configuration, and the ceiling and walls on both floors will be replastered and painted.

Center Stair Hall to be Renovated

Extensive work is also scheduled to take place on the exterior of the building this coming spring. As part of that project, the ground on the north perimeter of the building is to be excavated so the foundation can be waterproofed and the stone and mortar joints at that level repointed. Twelve windowsills are to be replaced as well.
Major funding for the repairs includes generous grants from The Lenna Foundation, the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation and the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation.
The Village of Westfield, which owns the McClurg mansion and leases it to CCHS, provided support from a building and maintenance fund created for that purpose. In addition, through donations and carefully saving for these anticipated projects over the past few years, the Historical Society is paying for about a third of the total cost of all the work being done throughout the mansion.
The CCHS board of trustees thanks both the general public and also members of the organization for their cooperation and patience while this much-needed work take place. Anyone who wishes to use the museum for research should call in advance to schedule an appointment. For more information, call the McClurg at 716-326-2977 or email