Lucy Miller made Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Jamestown

Rotary’s Immediate Past President Joni Blackman, left, and new Club President, Kevin Sixbey, right, presented Lucy Miller, center, with lifetime honorary membership in the club and honored her with a bouquet of flowers.

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Rotary Club of Jamestown

The Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Jamestown has named its 22-year member, Lucille Miller, to HONORARY status.

New Rotary President Kevin Sixbey complimented Lucy for being not only the long-time pianist for the local Rotary Club, but also for her long-time association as pianist for the Lucille Ball Little Theatre Junior Guilders under the direction of Helen Merrill. The Guilders have travelled all over the country to perform, including the White House.

In addition, Lucy has been a many-year accompanist for productions staged at the Lucille Ball Little Theater of Jamestown.

Lucy joined the local club on June 15,1999 and has been an honored recipient of the Rotary prestigious Paul Harris Fellow award three times, in 1999, 2004, and 2015.