LMNOP Gallery Presents “Mother and Daughter Works”



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LMNOP Gallery

LMNOP Gallery in Sherman NY will celebrate its initial launch into the Chautauqua County arts venue with an opening of “Mother and Daughter Works” by Phyllis Cairns and Katherine Stuart, mother and daughter respectively. The springboard reception and opening will be Saturday, September 24th from 10 am until 5 pm. The opening will feature principal works by both artists. LMNOP is a 1,400 square foot gallery which has been recently renovated to accept and show new and imminent artists from Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania. LMNOP is a member of the North Shore Arts Alliance, and Americans-For-The-Arts.

The gallery space is a “storefront” type in the center of Sherman, NY. Sherman is easily accessible from interstate and highway. In addition to the LMNOP Gallery downtown, there are emporiums and restaurants.

The artists will be present for conversation and will welcome query on their work. Katherine Stuart, the daughter of the “Mother and Daughter Works” show will present a talk on the settings of her work at 12 pm the day of the opening. The installation will continue toward mid-October.

LMNOP is a communal space for artist’s work with plans for future installations from varied art works. “To collectively inspire and challenge” is the gallery’s ambition. LMNOP will highlight stand-alone works, work that is not in production, not imitative of another piece. It will emphasize the eclectic, Esoterica perhaps, yet be conceptually tangible.

As will be the reception opening of the “Mother and Daughter Works” on Saturday, September 24th by mother Phyllis Cairns and Katherine Stuart.
When looking at Phyllis’s work you can still see the strong snarkyness from her advertising days a J. Walter Thompson in N.Y.C. Phyllis’s love of kitch and her sentimental feel for a beautiful sunset are reflected in her pastel skies and clusters of found collage materials. She gathers bits and pieces from her life as if for safe keeping, in the way a crow gathers pretty shiny things for its nest. Whether Phyllis is drawing, painting, or sculpting, her Los Angles upbringing and education seems to shine through, as well as her affection for the visual arts. Phyllis Cairns is a graduate of the Art Center of Design in Los Angeles, California. She has been the Art Director for J. Walter Thompson, a creative marketing company who has pioneered imaginative communication solutions worldwide. She has been an Adjunct Professor of advertising design at Kane College Union, New Jersey. For many years Phyllis Cairns has been a successful freelance illustrator, editor and advertising consultant for over 40 years. Her work has appeared in several galleries nationally. Many of her works remain as installations in private and corporate collections in museums and libraries.

Katherine Stuart grew up in an artsy household. Her father was an “Ad-Man” and a creative director. Katherine’s mother was always at the drawing-board. Katherine was surrounded by art materials since early childhood and influenced significantly by the trips to art museums of New York and of gallery openings her parents felt were so important. Though now an accomplished painter and draftswoman, she has always gravitated to works on paper, printmaking, and currently, her works with digital art. Katherine says that considering the influences of her artist family background, she feels there “is no escaping the family curse.” A curse she has inherited with gratitude.

Katherine Stuart is a graduate of the School of Art and Design in Ridgewood, New Jersey. She attended the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Arts. Katherine has shown recently at the 3rd on 3rd in Jamestown, New York. She has been the showcase artist for the Infinity School arts auction. Stuart is involved with Women Create 2016 and the Dyke-Young Gallery of Jamestown.

LMNOP Gallery is more than pleased to have the “Mother and Daughter Works” show become the springboard setting for additional venues of artist’s receptions and showings. The gallery extends an invitation to all artists of the region to attend this preliminary event with hopes that its setting will encourage participation in future installation of their works. LMNOP Gallery seeks to become a platform for the community which would directly support artists living and working in the surrounding communities. The intention of the artist-centered gallery is to give a voice aesthetically to art creators who often are not represented in mainstream or commercial galleries. The space will provide both gallery and residency.

More information on the reception/opening of the “Mother and Daughter Works” can be found on Facebook, LMNOP. Or by writing, lmnop108main@gmail.com.