LMNOP Gallery Celebrates Artisan’s “Vernal Opening”


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LMNOP Gallery

LMNOP Gallery will celebrate spring and the reduction of the New York State Covid virus restrictions with a “Vernal Opening” May 15th from 10:00 until 4:30 at 108 West Main Street, Sherman, NY. All items curated in the gallery are hand-crafted locally in the woodshop studio and are fabricated from Chautauqua County wood species. Often from re-purposed materials. The gallery features eclectic and classically designed furniture, fashionable tables, and distinctive chairs. LMNOP Gallery is known for its kinetic art: turning figurines, hands-on sculptures, and motion sculptures. The “Vernal Opening” will also present many handcrafted household accessories such as pastry rollers, cutting boards, and table trimmings. LMNOP is distinguished for its functional “Steam-punk lamps” created from found materials. The showing will also include 3-dimensional wall hangings. Visitors to the gallery will observe distinctive, One-of-a-kind items not seen anywhere else.

The May15 “Vernal Opening” will also showcase other Chautauqua County artisans. Tom Rupczyk, is a woodworker making stem-bent pipes and laminate saw-boxes. Katherine Stuart, the gallery co-curator, features re-purposed furniture into sculptures and framed collage works. Bob Rogers, a wood carver, will display his hand-carved walking canes.

LMNOP Gallery is specifically mindful of healthful and safe observations concerning Covid conditions. All participants are suggested to wearing masks. Displays in the gallery are spaced appropriately for safe foot traffic.

The hours for the “Vernal Opening” are 10:00 am until 4”30 pm. Appointments for groups for special tours are encouraged by calling 716 234-4010 or contacting via email at lmnop109main@gmail.com

LMNOP Gallery has been a supporter of local Chautauqua County arts for over five years. LMNOP is a member of the North Shore Artists’ Association; Americans for the Arts; North Shore Center for the Arts. The gallery is a member of the Sherman Are Chamber of Commerce. LMNOP Gallery is also a proud sponsor of WRFA Jamestown and its purpose as radio for the arts. LMNOP Gallery can be found on Facebook.