Little Bugs Pest Control

Frank Knapp, owner of Little Bugs Pest Control

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Heidi Woodard

Frank Knapp, owner of Little Bugs Pest Control

The past few months have been busy for Little Bugs Pest Control owner, Frank Knapp. He may have only started the business in January 2018, but he already has customers all over Western New York and Western Pennsylvania. Little Bugs Pest Control prides itself on having a mom-and-pop shop feel, while still having very broad range of cutting edge and progressive approaches of pest elimination. The family-owned-and-operated pest control business services interiors, exteriors, residential homes, and commercial businesses.

For Frank, the business is not just about servicing just a pest problem, the business is about getting to know people and our community better.  Frank said there hasn’t been one job he has been on where he hasn’t come away knowing something interesting and unique about his customer. Frank, a military veteran, said he is a steward of what God has given him and his life philosophy is “for his glory, for his honor.”

This philosophy translates into core believes of Little Bugs Pest Control. It is not good enough for Little Bugs Pest Control to just eliminate an obvious problem for the time being. Little Bugs Pest Control’s work is fully guaranteed by owner Frank Knapp so customers never have to worry.  Little Bug Pest Control has extensively trained technicians who diagnosis how/where the problem originated, then technicians share this information with the customer, so the customers fully understand what can be done to eliminate and prevent the problem.

Little Bugs Pest Control offers an extensive array of services from highly preventative measures to removing insects from homes. They also can trap animals like racoons, bats, and possums to name a few. In all aspects of pest control, Little Bugs Pest Control follows all guidelines and requirements of federal, state, and local laws. Frank Knapp said he follows whichever guideline is stricter in the law whether it be federal, state, or local.

Little Bugs Pest Control LLC is fully licensed and insured, and the team takes a highly educated approach to problem solving (insect) entomology. Frank, who trained at Texas AM and Perdue University, says like every case having its own varying characteristics, the solutions also have an assortment of possibilities as well. Little Bugs Pest Control offers traditional pesticides as in dust, granules, and sprays but they also offer green service alternatives as well. Little Bugs Pest Control is one of the most affordable pest solutions in the area, and they offer no-pressure sales consultations.

When asked what made Frank proud, he responded, “it’s not how much money I have made in life, it is the difference I have made in peoples’ lives, whether it was direct or indirect, how I positively impacted their lives.” Frank says his love for his job and his gratitude for life are what outlines his business principles. Frank said, “Don’t miss the little ‘bugs’ in life,” which he said was his way of “being grateful for what you already have in life.”

To reach Little Bugs Pest Control call 716-640-5006 or look for them on Facebook (all Facebook messages receive personal responses).