Literacy and Laundromats


Most of us take for granted the opportunity to pick up a book or a newspaper and read it. Literacy also means the ability to fill out an employment application or read an airline time table or book a hotel on line. All of these things seem second nature to most of us and that’s because we learned to read when we were children.

One of the focuses of the Literacy Committee of the Rotary Club of Jamestown has been identifying and working with young children who have had difficulty in developing this skill. This means that many of them will never catch up with reading skills and will likely be at a disadvantage in the job market and social media. One way to intervene and help promote reading skills among youngsters is to make sure they have interesting books to pick up and look through and take home. Rotary would like to make sure children can have a book or books they can keep and read as often as they like.

The Rotary Club identified two local laundromats as a place where parents might read with their children. These laundromats are located on South Main at Robo Wash and the other is located on North Main Street attached to Keystone Gas Station. Both are owned and run by Kim Carlson who enthusiastically supported the club’s project to install book shelves filled with books for children and adults. The members of the Club monitor these two bookshelves and replenish them as the books go out to children and their parents. The books are of course free of charge. Anyone with an interest in reading and particularly those with children are welcome to take a book. While Robo Laundromats always provide clean and inviting services, feel free to stop by just to pick up a good read!