Lecture Series Continues with Gary Nelson’s “Binoculars & Telescopes: Types & Choices” on Wednesday, June 21 at 7:30pm


Contributing Writer
Laurie Livingston
Martz-Kohl Observatory Board of Directors

As part of the Martz-Kohl Observatory Lecture Series, Gary Nelson will speak on “Binoculars & Telescopes: Types & Choices” on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 7:30pm.

What are some of the different types of binoculars and telescopes? What is recommended for beginners that doesn’t cost a lot? What should you look for when buying? Why do you need different eyepieces? There are many considerations when buying something to learn about astronomy and view the night sky. Gary Nelson, licensed optician, former professional telescope dealer, and long-time president at the Martz-Kohl Observatory will answer these questions and more. Gary and other observatory members will be available after his talk for hands-on consultations. Visitors are encouraged to bring their telescopes or binoculars to seek help in their use or to learn tips and tricks. More info: https://martzobservatory.org

This lecture is live at the Martz-Kohl Observatory located close to Jamestown at 176 Robbin Hill Rd, Frewsburg, NY 14738. You are encouraged to come to the observatory to meet Gary and join in our always lively Q&A after his talk. Later we offer tours and, if the weather cooperates, viewing opportunities through the big telescopes. Dress appropriately for the weather as you would for outdoors. While the classroom is heated, the domes are not.