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The Child Advocacy Program (CAP)

The Child Advocacy Program (CAP) is a non-profit organization that has provided services to child victims of abuse since 2008. With two locations in Chautauqua County, one in Jamestown at 405 W. Third Street and the newest location at 425 Main Street in Dunkirk, CAP provides advocacy, counseling, medical exams and forensic interviews while also coordinating Chautauqua County’s Child Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Team.

CAP has helped hundreds of children and families over the years and identifies the need to educate the community about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Chautauqua County. Child sexual abuse can happen to anyone—no matter your socioeconomic status, skin color, culture, religion or gender—at CAP we’ve seen child sexual abuse impact many families from many different backgrounds. The same is said for the offenders that sexually abuse children, they can be anyone and often are people who work to gain the trust of the child, the family and sometimes even the community.

CAP provides prevention training called Stewards of Children that teaches adults how to keep children safe from child sexual abuse. This training is 2 hours and teaches adults about the steps to protecting children from child sex abuse, and what to do if abuse is suspected. If you would like to learn how to protect the children in your life and learn what to do if you suspect abuse is happening to a child, please contact CAP at 716-338-9844.