Larson Supports $1,000,000 Tax Cut

Fred Larson

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Fred Larson

Retired City Court Judge Fred Larson, running to regain his County Legislature District 12 seat he gave up in 2014 to be Judge, has announced his support of a $1,000,000 cut in the County Property Tax Levy in the 2024 County Budget.

Larson, who was a County Legislator from 1985-1993 and again in 2014, explained: “The County has what is called an Unallocated Fund Balance of $37,000,000. The County’s own Financial Management Policy would be satisfied with an Unallocated Fund Balance as small as $14,000,000.”

Larson, who was also the Chautauqua County Attorney from 1998-2005, said “We have the opportunity to give the property tax payers of Chautauqua County a much needed tax break. A $1,000,000 reduction in the County Property Tax Levy would be a prudent thing to do given the large Fund Balance and the projection that the Fund Balance will remain above $30,000,000 for the next number of years.”

Larson, who was also the Acting County Executive from 1998-2001, observed: “Having too large of a County Fund Balance can lead to a lack of careful scrutiny of proposals for additional County personnel and programs.”

Larson’s District 12 is on the north and east side of Jamestown.