Larry Sharpe

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Sharpe for Governor

Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York in 2018, believes that “A culture of corruption has stonewalled progress in New York for far too long.” This corruption stems from a two-party system that Sharpe is not a part of. He is not a career politician with friends awaiting return favors once he’s elected. He is, however, a Marine veteran and businessman with principles strongly rooted in individual liberties. Sharpe will use innovative policy as well as increased, localized government influence to help free New Yorkers from the suffocating control of the state.

This includes:

  • Restructuring education to give parents, teachers and students more options to meet their educational needs with the greatest legislative influence at the local school board level
  • Using innovative business strategies to create alternative sources of funding for state programs, including leasing the naming rights for infrastructure components
  • Legalizing hemp and marijuana to create new marketable opportunities for farmers and small business owners
  • Rendering the Safe Act harmless by discouraging law enforcement from making it a priority, creating more defined parameters for gun permit deadlines

Larry Sharpe is not your average politician, he is a fellow New Yorker tired of watching his state regress.