Lakewood Apothecary Celebrates 14 Years of ‘Making Time For You’


Within the historic district of Lakewood, Lakewood Apothecary and Natural Health Center Inc. is nestled behind the iconic clock tower. Fitting, as the mission of this locally owned business, coined by owner Jim Rovegno’s wife, has always been “Where we always have time for you.”

The first thing that struck me upon arriving at Lakewood Apothecary, was the objectively beautiful building. While one can fill their prescriptions within its walls, that is not your first thought upon walking in. Hit with the aroma of fresh essential oils, classical music playing in the background, one feels immediately comforted and welcome. This is the goal of Jim and the business, and has been since he developed the idea for the store over 14 years ago.

“When people come here it is more than just leaving with a bottle of supplements in their hands. They leave knowing what that [supplement] is, how to use it and hopefully they get the best outcome.” Jim built the store with the goal of what he refers to as a ‘service based model’, an environment where individuals can be welcome to learn, explore, and address their health needs with a smiling face. His approach doesn’t just extend to his customers; he has created a work place where his employees live the philosophy.

I was surprised to discover that Lakewood Apothecary is one of the only privately owned pharmacy and health centers in the county, the only in the immediate Jamestown/Lakewood area. Rising costs within the healthcare industry has created a need for individuals to not only explore what Jim refers to as ‘alternative or complementary’ medicine, but a friendly place to seek information. Education is a key component of the business. Where some pharmacies feel sterile, impersonal, and frightening, Lakewood Apothecary is warm, calming, and inviting.

The main focus is beyond traditional prescriptions. Jim acknowledges the need for prescription medication; however what he credits for the businesses’ success is the unique model the store brought to the area. Products lining the shelves range from vitamins and supplements, to local products such as honey, soap, even hand crafted cutting boards. Building a connected community is important to Lakewood Apothecary. Jim radiates pride at the relationships built with area medical professionals over the years. “We work hand in hand with the medical community, as at the end we all have your best interests at heart” he says.

This is evident as I check out, my arms filled with unique, many locally curated, goodies. Jim is standing aside the counter, handing a customer her prescriptions and purchases for the day. They share a laugh, he asks about her husband. “Where we always have time for you” could not be truer.

Lakewood Apothecary, located on Chautauqua Ave in Lakewood, invites the public to celebrate their 14 th Anniversary Saturday March 14 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Specials, giveaways and more will be available. You can also visit during normal business hours, Monday 9 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM.