Labyrinth Press Company

Photo by Katrina Fuller Jeff James relaxing in front of the iconic Labyrinth Press Company counter.
Photo by Katrina Fuller
Jeff James relaxing in front of the iconic Labyrinth Press Company counter.

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Katrina Fuller

The door opens and the warm aroma of fresh ground coffee greets customers like a comforting breeze. A wall length chalkboard declares the fare, from caffeine charged lattes to vegetarian sandwiches. The scent of simmering soups and the sound of hearty laughter emerge from the kitchen, a shared spirit of happiness abounding. Mismatched chairs, cozy tables, and welcoming faces surround in this eclectic cafe. Meet Labyrinth Press Company, the full vegetarian restaurant and coffee shop, chocked full of delicious surprises.

Jeff James is behind the counter of this artistic hangout and eatery seven days a week. Co-owner with his wife, Alexandria, they proudly serve an exciting blend of coffee and vegetarian nourishment to regulars and newcomers alike. “We’re in our sixth year,” he beams. Opened in July of 2008, they have been growing and adapting ever since.

A unique experience in Jamestown, Labyrinth focuses on the greener side of dining out, taking care to use local and organic products whenever possible. For those avoiding animal products altogether, Jeff is thrilled to offer Vegan fare as well. “Almost anything can be made Vegan,” he says of his menu. “And, we have a lot of vegan offerings.” Featuring a homemade veggie burger, tempting titles such as the “Surrealist Sausage Sandwich”, and a multitude of scrumptious baked goods, the staff at Labyrinth is creative in bringing vegetarian foods to the community. “My soups are one of the main things. I make thirty different kinds!” Four soups are offered daily, with Beer and Cheese and Chili offered every day. Cultural favorites such as Borscht, a Russian soup, as well as Mulligatawny, an Anglo-Indian dish, often frequent the menu.

Customers can also find a wide range of invigorating beverages to sample, from fresh pressed espresso to hot brewed coffee. Serving Danzog, a coffee roasted by Russian immigrants in Denver, Colorado, coffee fanatics can expect a bold, crisp taste. “It is our boldest coffee yet,” Jeff explains. For those who don’t favor caffeinated drinks, smoothies, hot or iced teas and hot chocolate await to soothe a dry palette.

Jeff and Alexandria recently opened a new branch of their business called Brazil, a craft beer and wine lounge. Located directly upstairs from the coffee shop, the bar helps customers relax into the evening hours. “The bar has been really helping the business out,” Jeff says with a grin. “We still haven’t had a grand opening; we are just waiting for different things to get done.” Offerings include their famous soups, adventurous cheese plates, craft beers and a variety of wines. “We’re going to keep a very simple menu.” Jeff explains. Brazil is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 4 pm to 12 am, as well as Friday and Saturday from 4 pm to 1 am.

Labyrinth Press Company is located at 12 East Fourth Street in Jamestown, NY. They are open seven days a week: Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm, and Saturday through Sunday from 10 am to 2pm. Their menu, specials and announcements are posted on their Facebook page under Labyrinth Coffee Company. For more information or to pre-order, call or text them at: 716-708-2471. Drop by for a coffee, a meal and an experience…Labyrinth is sure to provide them all.

The Jamestown Gazette is proud to recognize our dealers, outstanding corporate citizens of our county. This week, the Gazette especially thanks Labyrinth Press Company for faithfully carrying The Jamestown Gazette, The People’s Paper, for the benefit and enjoyment of their customers, our readers.