Know Your Baby Before The Stork Comes By

Hilary McCandless, owner of Before the Stork
Hilary McCandless, owner of Before the Stork

Contributing Writer
Carly Gould

Expecting mothers will find a lot being offered at Sugar Grove’s Before the Stork Mobile Ultrasound.

Hilary McCandless, the owner of Before the Stork, gives mothers the chance to see their future child in 3D ultrasound. She provides regular ultrasounds too; as well as blood tests, gender reveal party items and heartbeat stuffed animals.

“I worked at the hospital for years,” McCandless said. “I started out in ultrasound and was moved to cardiology. I ended up missing doing the ultrasounds.”

She said expecting parents are usually allowed one ultrasound at the hospital and only one or two people are allowed to be in the room during it. At Before the Stork, any number of friends and family can be present for a mother’s ultrasound, and they’re allowed as many pictures as they want.

“I once had a party of 20 crammed in the room,” McCandless recalls. “It was a tight fit, but they were happy with it.”

McCandless also provides party packages for baby showers and can take her equipment on the road with her. The 3D ultrasound is a favorite with customers, she said, because it allows the parents to see their future baby in more detail.

“I love doing the 3D because you get to see the baby’s chubby little cheeks, and it’s just the cutest,” McCandless said with a smile.

She had acquired the office she works out of about a year ago. One of her more recent services is the blood test, which determines the gender of the future bundle of joy.

“I get to become friends with so many wonderful people,” McCandless said. “First they want an ultrasound or blood test, and then they follow up with that. I get to be there with them through the entire process.”

A lot of her clients come from Jamestown and Sugar Grove, but she recalls that one expecting mother came all the way down from Canada.

Before the Stork provides individual services as well as special bundles at varied prices. The store is located at 2 Main Street in Sugar Grove, Pa. For more information, call (814) 688- 5266, or check out Before the Stork’s official Facebook page.