King Food Ministries Provides Food Packages at Low Costs


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King Food Ministries

King Food Ministries is a non-denominational food cooperative committed to providing food assistance to families throughout Western New York.

King Food provides boxes of food which consists of high quality proteins and nutritional items of substantial savings. Because of our buying power and low overhead we are able to sell a box of food directly to you for a deeply discounted price. That’s a cost savings that will help you expand your food budget every month. One family box can feed a family of four for about a week or a single person for a month. We are trying to get some of the boxes back like steak boxes, chicken breast boxes and convenience meals. King foods is the same quality one would purchase at a food retailer. There are no second hand items and no damaged or outdated goods. There is also no limit on the number of boxes you can purchase and no applications to fill out or qualifications to meet. King Foods also participate in the SNAP program- (Supplemental nutritional assistance Program.) Participation in King Food is easy. You just need to find a host site in your area. In the Jamestown area it is Community Helping Hands at the Gateway Center. You can call 716-484-8824 or 716-665-5182 to order or check out our website at All the information needed is on the website.

You will find out how easy it is to place an order, pay for it and pick up instructions. Orders are taken the first two weeks of the month and are picked up on distribution day at the Gateway Center on the fourth Saturday of every month, unless it is a holiday month; then it is the third Saturday of the month. Floris Dunn is the local host site director for Jamestown and surrounding area. Number is above at 484-8824. Because your local host site is a non-profit organization, you can also purchase a box of food for someone in need. That gift may be tax deductible as a charity donation.

Together, King Food and their host sites have the immediate impact on the lives of people by showing love through the act of distributing high quality food at low prices in a friendly environment. Not only are they providing families an opportunity to enjoy food they may not otherwise be able to afford, but they are building relationships with those in the community at the same time.