Joint Near-Shore Operations Yielding Positive Results: Week 1 Update

CLA harvester assisting Town of Chautauqua Mobitrac with near-shore cleanup.
CLA harvester assisting Town of Chautauqua Mobitrac with near-shore cleanup.

Last week marked the start of joint near-shore clean-up coordination meetings among the Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance (Alliance), the Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA), and Town of Chautauqua (Town), which are focused on coordinating near-shore cleanup services around Chautauqua Lake. The Town currently operates three (3) Mobitracs, which are tracked amphibious machines with an 8-foot-wide rake that help to increase capacity and efficiency of near-shore cleanup operations on Chautauqua Lake by collecting floating macrophytes and debris. Through a grant from the Alliance, the CLA is supporting the Town’s Mobitrac operations by providing a weed harvester, which can hold up to five (5) tons of collected plant material. Once full, the harvester can offload the collected macrophytes onto CLA trucks for off-site disposal.

This past week the Town Mobitracs focused their efforts in Bemus Bay, Stow, Hadley Bay, and Warner Bay, and also successfully completed smaller projects in the Shore Acres Canal and at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel. Through these joint efforts, the Mobitrac/CLA team removed approximately 95,000 pounds of plant material by Thursday last week. This week the joint operations program plans to work in the north basin of the Lake near Hartfield Bay, Dewittville Bay, and the Chautauqua Marina, and the Mobitracs also plan to work in the south basin near Holiday Harbor Marina.

Through this unity of effort, these joint operations are able to increase capacity, efficiency, and responsiveness to shoreline and near-shore conditions. For more detailed work plans regarding these joint operations as well as the CLA’s other work around the Lake, please visit the Alliance’s Resources tab ( and click on the links under “Current Lake Resources” (these are links to the CLA’s website). Our thanks to the CLA and Town for successfully kicking off this new collaborative program and to CLA for the informational website postings.

For more information regarding these programs, please contact Vince Horrigan at (716) 661-8918.