Join Me in the Kitchen: Friendship Tea


Well friends, we are enduring a time in our lives that we have never seen before. Turning on the evening news is an endeavor that is not for the faint of heart. Every news cycle brings another round of restrictions. As I write this missive, we are waiting to hear if my husband’s job is considered “essential”…I guess that is a relative term, because it certainly is essential to our well-being, as I am sure are your jobs to you. Today, in these tenuous times, I think we all need to just grab a cup of coffee and gather in the kitchen!

I routinely go to the supermarket daily, and it has been a rather scary revelation to see aisle upon aisle of empty shelves. I bought only what I needed (of what I could find) rather than stock-piling things. I gladly left items for others who needed them. I am sure we all have heard the stories of the few people buying massive quantities of hand sanitizer and toilet paper…Good grief people, let’s get real! I remember my grandparents speaking of shortages during the depression and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to face anything close to that in our lifetime. Where is this going, and how will it be resolved?

Since our schedules will now include far more time at home than we are recently accustomed to, I suggest being proactive in keeping busy! Now is a great time to organize cupboards and freezers! What kinds of things are tucked in the back that can be turned into tonight’s supper or tomorrow’s breakfast? A few eggs, some meat and veggie scraps, perhaps some diced cooked potatoes can be turned into a delicious frittata or omelet. Left over rotisserie chicken, cooked egg noodles and a can of gravy will make a delicious casserole. I know I have said this many times before, but it bears repeating…now especially, don’t waste when you can create!

As for our health, the most one of the most important things we can do right now is WASH OUR HANDS!! Keeps your hands off things that are not yours, and allow for personal space. It seems like such a simple task; we are taught these things as small children, we pass those lessons on to our children, and now is the time to practice what we preach! My friends, I wish for you to stay happy, healthy and safe! Be well…we will get through this together!

Friendship Tea**

½ C instant iced tea powder
1 C instant lemonade powder
1 C instant orange juice powder (e.g. Tang)
1 t ground cinnamon
½ t ground cloves

In a large bowl, combine ingredients and mix well.

Store in airtight containers.

To serve, put 2-3 teaspoons of mix (adjusting to taste) in a mug and add 1 C boiling water.

**This makes great gifts! I like to portion the mix into decorative jars (with tight fitting lids), tie a ribbon around the top and attach the directions.

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