Join Harry the Hound Scavenger Hunt


The Covid-19 virus has taken over our world. Businesses are closed, schools are closed, and families are sheltering together. One thing families are doing is driving around the area just to get out of the house. Becky Rosen, a local resident, noticed the large number of empty signs around the area. She realized they could all be put to use teaching about how to slow the spread of the virus. Aimed at children under 14 years of age, Harry the Hygiene Hound, a Gary Peters, Jr. creation, is telling children how to slow the spread of the disease. She developed a scavenger hunt that can be done in the car.

Harry the Hygiene Hound says: “Be Smart, Be Wise…Do the 5!
1. Wash your hands with soap often
2. Don’t touch your face
3. Stay 6 ft away from people when you are out of your house
4. Wash your phone, laptop or tablet every day
5. Tell Mom or Dad when you feel sick.

Ms. Rosen contacted the owners of the empty signs and billboards to ask if they would support the message. Over 60 businesses said yes! Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist, Lakewood Mayor Randy Holcomb and Lamar Advertising (a Louisiana based billboard company with signs across the Eastern United States) worked together, along with the businesses, schools and local churches to spread the message.

“I especially want to thank Mayor Sundquist, Mayor Holcomb, Lamar Advertising and local artist Gary Peters, Jr. and 69 businesses, churches and school for their willingness to work on this campaign. They have all been very generous,” said Ms. Rosen, “Lamar has donated the use of five billboards and printed up the signs for free.”

The first 10 children with the most sightings of the signs which can be seen on the contest Facebook page, will win local drive through restaurant gift certificates. The email address to email answers to the scavenger hunt is

The Grand Prize is an original Harry the Hygiene hound plush stuffed animal plus $200 in gift certificates and a photograph with the two Mayors.

The signs in the hunt are visible from one’s car, they are in Jamestown and Lakewood and located on businesses, schools, drive throughs, gas stations, hospitals, billboards, movie theaters, banks, churches, etc. They are not on private homes.

The contest began May 15 at 9 AM. It ends May 22 at 6 PM. The rules are located on the Harry the Hygiene Hound Children’s Scavenger Hunt Facebook page.