Joe Gerace

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Joe Gerace for Sheriff

Our sheriff, Joe Gerace, has the education, law enforcement and executive experience to do the job.  He’s the most qualified candidate, with 24 years proudly serving as your sheriff. 

Sheriff Gerace remains actively committed to keeping the residents of Chautauqua County safe and secure. As a law enforcement officer recently said, “Change for the sake of change is absurd.”  Sheriff Gerace’s work is not finished.

Sheriff Gerace has implemented countless programs to serve children and the elderly, improve emergency responsiveness and effectiveness, protect citizens and rehabilitate offenders. Sheriff Gerace operates on a lean budget that is set and monitored by the county legislature, designed to keep deputies on the road and to supervise offenders in the jail.

Our sheriff plans to lead efforts to maintain the Accreditation the Office has earned—a clear measure of excellence.  He wants to continue making improvements in the jail to provide rehabilitation services and reduce opioid abuse. He will continue to improve emergency preparedness county-wide.

Detailed information about the wide range of services the Sheriff’s Office provides can be found on the website:  Vote for a proven leader on November 6th.  Vote for Joe Gerace for Sheriff.