JHS Students, McKenna Schneider and Siena DeAngelo, Place 1st and 2nd in JCC College Connections Speech Contest

McKenna Schneider, Barbi Price and Siena DeAngelo.

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Jamestown Public Schools

JHS sophomore, McKenna Schneider and senior, Siena DeAngelo placed 1st and 2nd in the 10th Annual JCC College Connections Speech Contest held on April 27, 2022. They competed against students from other area high schools that offer JCC Public Speaking for college credit in the high school curriculum.

This year’s topic for the virtual, four to five minute speeches were “How can my generation get the best education?” Contestants also answered a one-minute impromptu question and were graded on both the content and delivery of their speeches.

McKenna focused on the importance of knowing the past and using primary sources, and she reflected on the experience: “Competing in the JCC Speech Contest was a fun and rewarding experience that I will never forget; furthermore, it gave me an incentive to keep bettering myself as a public speaker.”

Siena argued that reading offers experiences to people of all races, ages, genders, and cultures. She commented, “I was nervous to speak in front of so many high school students because I know how judgmental they are, but everyone was so supportive and friendly. The other contestants were respectful and beautiful speakers.”

Both McKenna and Siena were students in Barbi Price’s dual-enrollment Public Speaking classes at JHS. “I never expected to grow as much as I did in Public Speaking. Not only have I performed vocally and physically better with the help of Mrs. Price, but I have also gained social skills and confidence,” said McKenna.

Sienna added, “I think Public Speaking is one of the most useful skills a person can have – not just for speeches and performances, but for any aspect of life when you’re presenting yourself. Taking Public Speaking has made me a more confident person overall, and I can’t thank Mrs. Price enough for all her wisdom and support.”