JHS SBHC Goal is to Keep Students Healthy to Reach Full Education Potential


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Jamestown Public Schools

Jamestown High School is fortunate to have a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) to help students stay healthy so they can reach their full education potential. Thanks to collaboration between Jamestown Public Schools and The Resource Center, there has been a SBHC at JHS for more than 13 years providing health and mental health services just like your regular doctor or therapist. In 2015, JHS SBHC also began offering dental services as a result of the identified need for dental hygiene services and education for students, and for families’ convenience. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to visit the SBHC as families’ insurance is billed and no co-pays are needed. Uninsured children are also served. Any current JHS student can easily enroll in the SBHC. Registration forms can be picked up in the SBHC or printed off from the JPS website at www.jamestownpublicschools.org. Just go to the JHS page and click under “Resources” to find the JHS SBHC link with a form.

“Children cannot reach full education potential unless they are physically and mentally healthy,” said Debbie Piotrowski, JHS School-Based Health Center Nurse Practitioner. “School-based health centers work because they are located where the children are. The services are easily accessible, located in a familiar environment and offered by healthcare professionals who address a wide range of health, dental, and mental health care needs. We are very lucky to have a partnership with The Resource Center to offer these very needed services to our students.”

JHS SBHC helps keep students in school. Instead of visiting their doctor or an emergency room with a parent, the SBHC helps ensure that there is no lost productivity time for a working parent or loss of daily attendance for a student. Because many children can be treated at a SBHC for minor illnesses and injuries, chronic illnesses and special healthcare needs; daily attendance is increased. Some of the services offered at the JHS SBHC are: physicals, diagnosis & treatment of minor illnesses, prescriptions for medications, immunizations & concussion management. Dental care includes: oral health exams and dental referrals and preventative dental visits. Behavioral health care is also available including: mental health and substance abuse screenings and referrals and management & coordination of chronic illnesses (anxiety, depression etc.)

Parents must sign a consent form for children to be seen in the SBHC. The SBHC works with student’s primary care physician to keep him or her healthy. Parents are always notified when their child is treated at the JHS SBHC. The SBHC operates under the auspices of The Resource Center’s Diagnostic and Treatment Clinic with TRC supplying the LPN (licensed practical nurse) and front desk support as well as billing, insurance verification, information technology support, quality assurance and management.

“The SBHC offers a fantastic opportunity for the students at JHS,” said Marcia Restivo, Clinical Services Director for The Resource Center.  “To have the option of receiving the same medical care your primary physician can offer, right in the school is such a time saver for students and parents. It is the only SBHC in Chautauqua County, but in good company across New York State.  The SBHC is staffed with providers who really care about the physical, mental, and dental health of the students at JHS and handle all their concerns with dignity, respect and confidentiality.”