JHS Closet Looking for Donations from Community

JHS Behavior Specialist, Bonnie Schnar, in the JHS Closet.
JHS Behavior Specialist, Bonnie Schnar, in the JHS Closet.

JPS logoJamestown High School has a place where students can find items that they might need such as personal hygiene products, coats/gloves/hats or school supplies. They are always looking for donations from the community to keep the JHS Closet running.
“There is a great need at JHS for these items for our students. They could need them because of home circumstances or it could be a family emergency. We just helped a few students who recently suffered from a house fire,” said JHS Behavior Specialist, Bonnie Schnars, who started the JHS Closet about eight years ago with primarily staff donations. “Our biggest need is socks and underwear but hygiene products like toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant and soap, non-perishable food items, and clothing for high school kids are also really needed. I feel it’s so important to help our kids and we go through tons of items every school year.”
The process allows kids to obtain items from the JHS Closet through Mrs. Schnars who keeps everyone’s identity confidential. The JHS Closet has been fortunate to have donations from local community organizations like Zion Convenant Church, WCA’s Clothing Drive and the “Queen Bees” from the Tree of Life Lutheran Church. The JHS CDOS Program is also helping out the JHS Closet this year by providing jobs for students for the program to sort through and bag up donations.

If anyone is interested in donating to the JHS Closet, you can drop your donations at JHS in care of Bonnie Schnars or call 716-483-3470 x2930 for more information.