JHS Classes Donate to Blue Star Mothers Care Package Project

Members of Loraine Steffens' 11th Grade U.S. History class are shown with their donation to the Blue Star Mothers Care Package Project.
Members of Loraine Steffens’ 11th Grade U.S. History class are shown with their donation to the Blue Star Mothers Care Package Project.

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Jamestown Public Schools

Jamestown High School students in Loraine Steffens’ Government and U.S. History classes and Vince Fogarty’s Workforce and Government classes collected supplies for the troops via the Blue Star Mothers. The students collected $57 and $250 dollars worth of goods so far.

“I have been teaching my students about patriotism and having compassion for others for over seven years now,” said Mrs. Steffens. “I started just doing it with just my Government classes. It was a great tie-in for my curriculum. This year I expanded it to include my 11th grade US History. We are collecting items that the Blue Star Mothers recommend like socks, raimon noodles, oatmeal, granola bars and small toiletry items. The idea came from consultant teacher Vince Fogarty. He thought it was a great time of year to teach students to be kind and compassionate towards others.”

Mrs. Steffens and Mr. Fogarty decided to get students more involved by making it a competition between classes to see who could bring in the most for the troops. The students also wrote Christmas cards to the troops.

“Thank you for your contributions to our Blue Star Mothers Christmas Care Package Project!” said Kathy Collver, Vice President Blue Star Mothers NY4. “We were able to send 696 Christmas Care Packages to our men and women serving in places of danger all around the world. All of this was from donations from our communities in Western New York – some monetary, some material, and some with muscle power! Last year we sent 508, and we never dreamed we would ever surpass that number. We underestimated the generosity of this community, for sure! We know that these packages make a difference in the Christmas of a military person. They have sent us notes in the past telling us how their morale is raised when they receive these packages. Your handwritten notes are especially appreciated – so again, thank you!”