Jefferson Middle School Holds Annual Veteran’s Day Gathering

Navy Seaman veteran Percy Stevenson shares a photo of the ship he served on with Jefferson Middle School fifth grader Tim O'Brien as fellow veteran, E4 (P) Specialist 4 Valerie Buck, looks on during Jefferson Middle School's Veteran's Day Celebration.

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“What motivated you to join the Armed Forces?” asked Jefferson Middle School fifth grade teacher Gina Hess to the veterans visiting her students.

“I enlisted in 11th grade and followed one of my best friends into the Marine Corp,” said Retired Master Sargeant USMC Dan Kell. “I ended up staying in for 22 years.”

Jefferson Middle School fifth-graders from Gina Hess and Stacy Monroe’s classroom recently held a ceremony to honor local veterans. Students entertained them with songs, poems and stories, to thank them for their service to our country. They also prepared questions to ask the veterans about their service. The veterans had an opportunity to tell the students more about which branch of the military they served in and what it was like to serve their country.

Marine Corp veteran, Retired Master Sargeant Dan Kell, talks to Jefferson Middle Schools fifth graders with fellow United State Air Force veteran, Airman 3rd Class, Paul Whitford, during Jefferson Middle School’s Veteran’s Day Celebration.

The Veterans Day Celebration is an annual tradition at Jefferson Middle School that has lasted over 20 years. The celebration is something that both the students and veterans really love.

“This project is one of the most important activities we do throughout the school year,” said Mrs. Hess. “It gives students the opportunity to learn real-life experiences that can not be taught through any curriculum. Our gathering allows us an avenue to share our gratitude to veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedom.”