JCC’s Scholars Day Presented As Virtual Showcase


Jamestown Community College’s annual Scholars Day, conducted virtuallythi s year, is celebrating academic research and creative activity among students.

Video entries representing honors program coursework, capstone courses, field placements and internships, research, and applied learning we reconsidered for inclusion in the event. The showcase [2] can be accessed on JCC’s YouTube channel through sunyjcc.edu.

Charles Sisson of Jamestown was awarded first place for his presentation. “The Economics of Migration.” Joana Leamon of Silver Creek earned second place for “Anna Howard Shaw: A Breakthrough Woman in the Shadow of Fame” and third place went to Olivia Clamp of
Jamestown for “Best Practices for Working with Students with Autism.”

Other submissions included:

  • “One Planet, One People” by Ann-Marie Wood of Youngsville, PA
  • “Investigating Fiscal and Environmental Stress on Small Western New York Cities and Ways to Ease Economic Hardship” by Daniel Mattock of Perth, Australia, Aimee Zynda of Collins, and Bagul Mammedova of Yoloten, Turkmenistan
  • “Jaycare” by Emmily Nelson of Westfield, Haley Seeley of Frewsburg, and Ashlan Davis and Jasmine Jones of Jamestown
  • “Peer Based Learning for English Language Learners” by Ginna Hensel of Great Valley
  • “The Impact of Traveling Abroad Young” by Kaura Chahal of Olean
  • “Food Deserts and the JCC Community” by Kristina Nesterova of Kansk, Russia, Elijah Rutenber of Warren, PA, Veronica Ferry of Olean, and Ben Reynolds of Ashville
  • “Marriage and Divorce Honors Project” by Marilynn Amborski of Westfield
  • “City Government Internship” by Marshall Roberts-Payne of Fredonia
  • “Education on Voting” by Paige Tingley of Hinsdale
  • “The Risk of Opportunistic Infections” by Yaritza Iglesias-Carpena of Jamestown
  • “Palestine, the Land of the Poem; Palestinians, the Poetry of the Land” by Carolyn Krenzel of Olean, Tanisha Sprester of Allegany,and Madison Mott of Fredonia
  • “Palestine, the Land of the Poem; Palestinians, the Poetry of the Land” by Olivia Brooks of Little Valley, Cassandra Kelly of South Dayton, and Hannah Sholl and Meghan Siperek of Lakewood.