Jamestown Public Schools Makes Meaningful Gains in ELA/Math

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New York State Department of Education issued the 3-8 State ELA and math test scores today and Jamestown Public Schools has reasons to celebrate significant improvements in many schools. Test scores don’t always tell the whole story of a quality education but in the context of NYS 3-8 testing, Jamestown Public Schools made meaningful gains.

“I am very proud of all the hard work that our teachers, principals and students did to show such significant progress,” said JPS Superintendent Bret Apthorpe. “The collaborative efforts of our teachers to focus on individual student achievement has greatly benefited our district. As a district, we saw an overall improvement in math and a slight decline in ELA. However, several of our schools made incredible improvements in both ELA and math.”

Looking at individual Jamestown schools, Ring Elementary School was the improvement star of the district making huge gains in both math and ELA scores. Ring School increased the percentage of students meeting state standards by 13 percent in ELA and 16 percent in math. They tripled the percentage of students that exceeded state standards in math and more than doubled the percentage in ELA.

“This success was not the result of one year or one person,” said Ring Elementary School Principal Annette Miller. “It was the result of a team of dedicated and hardworking teachers, staff, community members, students and families working collaboratively over time. It takes all of us to move in the same direction to truly make a difference.”

In JPS elementary schools, four out of five made improvements in math and three of five made improvements in ELA. Two out of the three middle schools made improvements in both math and ELA.

Other individual school highlights:

  • Nearly all Jamestown Schools made improvements in ELA with Lincoln and Ring Elementary Schools making the most significant gains.
  • Nearly all Jamestown Schools made improvements in math with Bush, Lincoln, Ring Elementary Schools and Washington Middle School making the most significant gains.
  • Bush and Lincoln Elementary Schools are among the highest performing schools in the district in both ELA and math.