Jamestown Public Market to End Season October 31

The last day of the Jamestown Public Market will be Saturday, October 31 from 10-2 pm.
The last day of the Jamestown Public Market will be Saturday, October 31 from 10-2 pm.

The Jamestown Public Market will wrap up it’s record breaking season on October 31, leaving plenty of time for community members to get out and enjoy fall and it’s bounty.

The market is thrilled to be ending on such a positive note as staff, volunteers and vendors worked hard navigating a challenging 2020.

“We could not have opened and remained open without the support of the community” shares Market Director Linnea Carlson. “We hope that next season continues to be such a success. Most of our vendors will remain part of the market all the way to the end this year, which historically hasn’t been the case. They are so happy with the turn out and continued support.”

The Public Market is excited to look forward to 2021 and hopes to return to some beloved market traditions, as well as explore new growth. “We definitely will be planning to bring back our weekly events such as Wellness Day and our annual Children’s Market. As long as we are able to do so safely, we will return to those exciting events.”

The market will also be using the winter months to not only plan an exciting 2021 season, but explore the possibility of re-locating to an area better suited for the community.

“We love where we are for a number of reasons, however there are some concerns with being along Cherry Street. The biggest being accessibility; with us being on an incline it can be difficult for community members to safely browse the market. We also want to be more centrally located and easier to find.”

Carlson states that a community survey will be going out in the coming months via social media, as well as during the final days of the market season. Community members will be asked for their feedback on a market location and improvements that could be made in the years to come. Market vendors will also be surveyed and the market hopes to meet with the City to discuss potentials.

“The City has been extremely supportive; the council approved an ordinance back in June that was instrumental in cementing the market as a valued institution in Jamestown. We ask the community to continue their support of local food and small business, and are excited for what is to come.”

The market also reminds SNAP/EBT customers and credit card users to utilize any remaining tokens they have before seasons end. All tokens spent are reimbursed directly to the farmers and vendors.

The last day of the Jamestown Public Market will be Saturday, October 31 from 10-2 pm. For more information community members can visit facebook.com/JamestownPublicMarket.